Modena Tour: from Piazza Grande to Balsamic Vinegar

modena tour

Come to Modena and enjoy all the colours of excellence with your Modena Tour: from Piazza Grande to Balsamic Vinegar.


Dark-to-black as the Balsamic Vinegar, white as the Duomo and the Ghirlandina Tower in the harmonious Piazza Grande (UNESCO World Heritage from 1997), red and orange as the ancient buildings and porticoes… But also the world-famous Ferrari-red and the lively yellow of the new, futuristic Museo Enzo Ferrari, dedicated to the most prominent racing cars brand and factory in the world… Come to Modena and enjoy all the colours of excellence!

Modena Tourhalf day: your guide will take you to the very city center, among the amazing UNESCO-Heritage monuments. Your tour will end in top quality “acetaie”: you’ll get acquainted with the Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI, particularly suitable for the preparation of cooked food, and the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PDO, a real miracle of traditional learning and long seasoning – a few drops of this most precious condiment and “balm” add a touch of nobility to every recipe. It’s really the… black gold of Modena and one of the gastronomic highlights of Emilia-Romagna and Italy in general!

Modena Tour, full day: you can add to the half day itinerary a visit to the Museo Enzo Ferrari; if you are a music lover (an “opera fan”, in particular) , you will enjoy the visit to Luciano Pavarotti’s Casa Museo, a tribute to the art of the most famous modern tenor of the world. But I can guide you also through the artistic suggestions and treasures of the Galleria Estense, in the oustanding Palazzo dei Musei

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