Leonardo in Milan

In the year of Expo 2015, the Palazzo Reale in Milan celebrates the genius of Leonardo da Vinci with the largest Da Vinci exhibition ever organised in Italy.

The exhibition highlights Da Vinci’s unique personality, combining scientific thought with creative talent, art and technology. It includes paintings, drawings, sculptures and manuscripts, brought together from the finest museums in the world, amongst which the British Museum in London, the Uffizi in Florence, and the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

Biblioteca Ambrosiana in Milan contributes to the exhibition with over thirty drawings from the Atlantic Codex. Musée du Louvre in Paris has allowed three Da Vinci paintings to travel to Milan, all of which are masterpieces: St. John the Baptist, the Annunciation, and the so called La Belle Ferronnière, which has just been restored.

I’ll be glad to guide your visit… and if you want to discover some charming Renaissance jewels just nearby Piazza Duomo, you have only to ask!